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A Public-Private Partnership, or a P3, is a contract between a public agency and a private sector entity that grants a private sector entity the privilege and responsibility of providing a public good, facility, or service that has traditionally been provided and managed by a public entity. The goal of a P3 is to provide benefits to the public through value-added private sector engagement and to reduce the public agency’s reliance on tax revenue. The benefits of P3s include job creation, design innovation, cost savings, revenue generation, transfer of risk, and optimization of resources and capabilities. P3s can be used for long-term operation and maintenance of infrastructure. Through a P3, public and private sectors can share skills, assets, resources, risks, and rewards in the improvement of services, facilities, and operations that fall within public agency’s mission and statutory responsibility.

Since 2008, the Louisiana Legislature has reduced state general fund appropriations for the Louisiana State Park system by forty-five percent (45%) and staff by thirty percent (30%). In anticipation of a continuing downward trend in public funding for the Louisiana State Park system, and the anticipated continuing rise in the cost of other core functions of government, and in order to improve the services, public amenities, and financial stability of Louisiana’s State Parks system, there is a need for creative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial initiatives developed and implemented within the framework of the public and governmental functions and purposes of the Louisiana Office of State Parks.

Like many public entities, the Louisiana Office of State Parks often receives unsolicited proposals for projects to improve its facilities and operations. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism (DCRT), Office of State Parks (OSP) proposes to periodically and formally invite private and public sector entities to submit their project ideas to add or improve facilities and/or services in the Louisiana State Parks system and/or increase revenue or improve cost savings and efficiencies for the Louisiana State Park system. Through the establishment and implementation of this Procedure, the OSP hopes to cast a wide net, to encourage the submission of interesting and innovative concepts and ideas that will move the OSP toward greater self-sustainability and establish the Louisiana State Parks system as one of the best in the country.  


A. In this Request for Information (RFI), the OSP is undertaking a process of soliciting any and all project ideas that could benefit the Louisiana State Parks system, and, as a result, the citizens of and visitors to Louisiana.

B. This RFI informs interested parties how to submit their project ideas.

C. The OSP will review the responses to the RFI. For the purposes of this RFI, project ideas shall be limited to those projects that support the mission and public purposes of the OSP and do not require an expenditure of public funds.


A. ELIGIBLE PROJECTS - Proposed ideas should fulfill one or more of the OSP Objectives (as defined below) for the Louisiana State Park system, and may include, without limitation:

  1. Enhanced activities, programming (e.g., educational, eco-tourism), services and products;
  2. Construction of new facilities and/or the renovation, improvement, enhancement, maintenance, and/or and modifications of existing facilities and other improvements;
  3. Cost savings proposals;
  4. Management proposals;
  5. Infrastructure projects;
  6. Sponsorships;
  7. Licensing Agreements; and
  8. Any other innovative or creative project ideas that will improve services and/or facilities and/or result in revenue generation and/or cost savings for the OSP.

B. OSP OBJECTIVES - The OSP Objectives in soliciting information are:

  1. To promote the OSP mission;
  2. To achieve the proper balance of preservation and utilization of OSP Properties to allow the Louisiana State Parks system to better fulfill its mission while also becoming more financially self-sustaining;
  3. To better serve the needs of citizens and of visitors to Louisiana through collaborations between public officials and entities, private individuals and organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and other interested parties and stakeholders;
  4. To demonstrate efficient long-range planning, resource management and innovative approaches to delivering first-class, eco-friendly services and activities with sustainable, fiscally-sound business practices;
  5. To increase the public awareness of the benefits and resources of the Louisiana State Park system;
  6. To become recognized as one of the top state park systems in the country;  
  7. To participate in the efforts to help Louisiana’s tourism industry and economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by positioning OSP Properties as a safe and open environment for cultural, recreation, wellness, eco-friendly, innovative, and creative services and activities;
  8. To generate additional revenues or cost savings for OSP;
  9. To be a laboratory for innovation and creativity in providing activities, programming, facilities, goods, and services that are sustainable, appropriate to the OSP site’s purpose, and otherwise improve the Louisiana State Park system;
  10. To engage Louisiana resources and employees in connection with the proposed project or as a result of the proposed project;
  11. To ensure additional competitive processes are utilized in connection with the implementation of a project (such as the use of competitive processes in the selection of subcontractors and other parties to be engaged in the project);
  12. To avoid disruption and/or any adverse or harmful impact on OSP property and/or local businesses; and
  13. To generate other public benefits for the Louisiana State Parks system within the parameters of the OSP’s authority and responsibility.


A. PURPOSE - The RFI procedure is designed to obtain and to encourage innovation and creativity, and to provide a platform for interested parties to present their ideas.

B. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS AFTER RFI – After receipt and review of the responses to the RFI, OSP may prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP). Prior to publication, dissemination, and posting of the RFP, OSP plans to submit the RFP to the Division of Administration for review, comment, and approval.

C. WEBSITE - The OSP maintains which maintains information on OSP Properties for public access. Prior to issuance of an RFI, OSP shall verify the website has been fully reviewed and updated to ensure that interested parties have the most current and complete data regarding the OSP properties.

D. PROJECT SUGGESTIONS – The RFI response should provide and explain the following:

  1. A description of the project, including variations and alternatives that may include innovative concepts and/or add-ons;
  2. Identification and description of how the project will meet one or more of the OSP Objectives, OSP public purposes, and is otherwise eligible for consideration through this Procedure;
  3. The proposed term for a contract resulting from the RFI or RFP and schedule for implementation of the project within that term;
  4. The proposed location(s) for the project; identification of the OSP site(s), with property size and descriptions;  
  5. The proposer’s approach and methodology to develop and implement the project, including, as necessary or useful, market research, community outreach, use of competitive processes to select sub-contractors, systems for quality control, financial management and reporting, etc.;
  6. A description or list of the licenses, permits, regulatory requirements necessary to develop and implement the project;
  7. The proposer’s security for performance and implementation of the project;
  8. The projected financial and economic impact of the project on the OSP, the state and local communities, Louisiana businesses, etc;
  9. The proposed revenue-sharing proposal, if any;
  10. Other relevant information to fully describe the proposed project.

E. PROPOSER’S QUALIFICATIONS FOR RFI RESPONSE – The RFI response should explain why the proposer is qualified to implement the project ideas, such as:

  1. Background information about the proposer’s qualifications and experience, including experience with other P3 projects generally and the proposed project specifically;
  2. A description of the proposer’s team structure and the team members’ relevant qualifications, experience, licenses, and certifications required or useful to develop and implement the proposed project;
  3. Attestation and/or verification that the proposer is eligible and able to enter into a contract with the OSP.

For example, the proposer must be in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State; must not be delinquent on taxes; must not be debarred, must possess insurance of the types and in the amounts set forth in the Louisiana Office of Risk Management Procedures Manual for Insurance Requirements in Contracts and Indemnification Agreements; must agree to the standard provisions and requirements of state contracts; must agree to comply with applicable provisions of law, including but not limited to public records law, the provisions of the Code of Governmental Ethics, the legal restrictions that pertain to the use of OSP properties, etc.

F. ANTICIPATED CONTRIBUTION FROM OSP –The RFI response should also include what OSP resources are required for the project, such as:

  1. Use of OSP immovable property (e.g., through a lease, right of use agreement, etc.);
  2. Inclusion of the proposer’s reservable facilities or services in the OSP’s reservation system;  
  3. Connection to OSP utilities, including Wi-Fi;
  4. Assistance with marketing, promotions, and communications; technical assistance with strategies to integrate the proposed project into the master plan for the OSP site and/or the OSP’s strategic plan; etc.

G. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION - If the Proposer’s response contains confidential information, the Proposer should also submit a redacted copy of their response along with their original response. The redacted copy of the response will be the copy produced by the State if a person seeks review or copies of the Proposer’s response. If the Proposer does not submit a redacted copy, it will be assumed that any claim to keep information confidential is waived.

Proposer shall be prepared to defend the reasons why the material should be held confidential. By submitting a response with data, information, or material designated as containing trade secrets and/or privileged or confidential proprietary information, or otherwise designated as “confidential,” the Proposer agrees to indemnify (including attorney's fees) the State and hold the State harmless against all actions or court proceedings that may ensue, which seek to order the State to disclose Proposer’s information.

H. CONSENT AND RELEASE - The RFI responses will become public record unless the responder designates certain contents of its response as confidential.

I. OBLIGATION - The RFI does not obligate the OSP to enter into a contract to carry out any project. Upon review of the responses to the RFI, the OSP has the discretion to issue a competitive solicitation to implement any of the ideas contained in the responses to the RFI.

J. ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION - Proposers may submit written inquiries to the RFI Coordinator via email according to the Schedule of Events provided herein.

OSP shall provide responses to all written inquiries, according to the Schedule of Events, in the form of an RFI addendum, posted to the OSP website at:

  1. Requests for copies of the RFI and written questions or inquiries must be directed to the RFI coordinator:  

    Angela Gil

    Office of State Parks

    P.O. Box 44426

    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4426

    Phone: 225-342-5413

    Fax: 225-342-9461

    Email: [email protected]

  2. All communications relating to this RFI must be directed to the RFI Coordinator named above. All communications between Proposers and OSP staff members concerning this RFI will be strictly prohibited.

This RFI is available in PDF format at the following web link:

K. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - All responses must be received according to the following schedule. OSP reserves the right to revise this Schedule of Events at any time.

Schedule of Events

Public Notice of RFI

June 23, 2021 - August

31, 2021


Deadline for Proposer Inquiries

September 14, 2021

4:00 PM CT

Deadline for OSP Response to Inquiries

October 1, 2021


Deadline for Receipt of RFI Responses

October 22, 2021

4:00 PM CT


Response Submission

Response submissions must include two (2) hard copies and two (2) flash drives submitted via U.S. Mail, courier, or hand-delivered to:

If courier mail or hand-delivered:   

Angela Gil

Office of State Parks

1051 N. Third Street, Suite 321

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

If delivered by U.S. Mail:

Angela Gil

Office of State Parks

P.O. Box 44426

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4426

If electronic submission:

Follow the instructions listed at

All responses must be received by the due date and time indicated on the Schedule of Events. Responses received after the due date and time may not be considered. It is the sole responsibility of each Proposer to assure that its response is delivered at the specified location prior to the deadline. Responses which, for any reason, are not so delivered may not be considered.

All responses become the property of the State and will not be returned to the Proposer. The State retains the right to use any and all ideas or adaptations of ideas contained in any document received in response to this solicitation. All responses received become subject to the Louisiana Public Records Act.

Format of Response Page

All responses shall be submitted in hardcopy and digital format (PDF or Word is required), not to exceed 90 pages, in 12pt. or larger size font according to the following outline:

  • Administrative Information

Responder shall provide the following administrative information:

  • Company Name
  • Division/Location
  • Headquarters Location
  • Total Number of Employees
  • Contact Name
    • Title
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number


  • Corporate Background and Experience

Responder shall provide a brief description of their company, including a brief history, corporate structure, and organization and the number of years in business.

  • Business Model for Contracting of Services

Responder shall describe its approach to a contract for its services should it be awarded a contract through a subsequent RFP, but without providing any cost information in its response.

  • Approach and Methodology

Responder shall describe its proposed solution including delivery of services.

  • Implementation Timeframe of Solution

Responder shall indicate the minimum timeframe from contract execution to full implementation for its solution, inclusive of hardware and software acquisition, configuration, design, development and testing.

*No cost information shall be included in this RFI response.


To solicit feedback and ask follow-up questions based upon vendor RFI responses, OSP reserves the right at its sole discretion to conduct a structured “discussion” for Proposers to this RFI only. If the “discussions” are scheduled to take place, the discussion session will begin with a presentation by OSP. Following the presentation, State representatives and the vendor community will participate in a structured question and answer session. An agenda, specific questions and other expected topics for discussion will be e-mailed to the vendor prior to the discussion. Proposers may be asked to give a presentation/demonstration